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What is Psychosexual Therapy (PST)?

PST addresses a range of sexual dysfunctions by examining the underlying causes and then putting in place a treatment programme specifically tailored to the clients and the presenting dysfunction.

How does it work?

Having ascertained if there are any medical conditions as confirmed by a GP, PST examines what is happening for the client/s either psychologically or behaviourally.

What conditions does it treat?

There are a range of sexual dysfunctions that can be dealt with by PST. For a woman this may include difficulties with penetration, loss of interest in sex or difficulty in achieving orgasm. For men it can include erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory difficulties (too soon/too slow) and loss of interest in sex.

Does it work?

PST has a success rate proven over very many years and it is my own experience as a therapist that for the vast majority of clients PST improves not only the sexual relations but also greatly enhances the general relationsip as well.
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