21st November 2018
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Many relationships experience difficulties at different stages, maybe adjusting to a new relationship, maybe issues that are longstanding become significant, maybe the birth of a child or a new job involving relocation, financial pressures or issues with in-laws. All of these and more can place relationships under stress.

Couples are sometimes unaware of what is destabilizing their relationship and counselling can help bring the underlying problems to the surface so that they can be recognised and dealt with. On other occasions the couple know what the problem is but feel that they can't deal with it themselves; again counselling can help point them in the right direction.

Often communication becomes unproductive with one partner feeling unheard and the other feeling nagged or "got at", counselling has helped many couples learn to communicate in a more effective way so that both feel equally acknowledged and respected.

Counselling can also be of benefit to those for whom a relationship has just ended and who are trying to get an understanding of what has happened and how they can move on. It may help break destructive patterns of behaviour which always seem to end badly.

Counselling won't prevent relationships from coming pressure, it isn't a cure all "magic pill" but it can help couples or individuals manage those stressors in a better way and help them discover the resources they both have and need to use to resolve the problems to their mutual satisfaction.
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